GB WhatsApp updated (modified WhatsApp for android) Abo Saleh

Today I will bring you the new WhatsApp update GBPro, this is version 19.90

O Whatsapp GBPro is a messaging and calling app with extra functions, it is a modified version of the official version of WhatsApp.

What is a modified WhatsApp



First we will talk about the official version. O WhatsApp Messenger is an application available on the play store, it is free and offers messaging and calling services, these are simple and limited functions.

In this case, not all users are completely satisfied with its functions and the alternative for these users is to use a modified WhatsApp.



The modified WhatsApp (WhatsApp GB Pro) was created by some developers where it offers exclusive functions.

This modified app has a loyal audience, due to its exclusive functions such as customizing the home screen or chat screen, greater privacy, unlike the official app.

Where can it be downloaded
Unlike the official App, WhatsApp GB Pro cannot be downloaded from the play store, as it is an APK, so it is found on third-party websites or on the developer’s official website. Only available for Android.
What’s new:
  • A new option has been added to enable ghost mode.
  • Now you can hide the second panel flag without delaying the arrival of messages. (More Settings > Privacy and Security > Ghost mode).
  • New An option has been added to explain correct ghost mode activation. (More Settings > Privacy and Security > Ghost mode).
  • New A new option has been added to change the appearance of the stock icon in conversations (Settings Plus > Chat Screen).
  • New Add a quick interaction option to single-click menu options in conversations.
  • Added new option for font download location (Settings Plus > Universal > Styles (appearance)).
  • Fixed random crash in some chats/groups.
  • Fixed crash when opening Story.
  • Fixed crash issue when sending status video on some devices.
  • Fixed, I apologize for sending a video message on some devices.
  • Various general bug fixes Miscellaneous Enjoy and discover for yourself!
  • Miscellaneous Other fixes and improvements
Advantages of using WhatsApp GB Pro

WhatsApp GB Pro is an APK that has the ability to modify some features as it includes different themes and customization options. Among the main uses is the possibility of hiding your status so that users don’t know if you are online and also features to make your profile look different.

Main functions of WhatsApp GB Pro:

  • Greater privacy;
  • Sending large files with quality;
  • Sending more than 30 photos at once;
  • diverse theme options;
  • Hide typing” or “recording audio”;
  • Change WhatsApp icon;
  • Read deleted messages;
  • View deleted statuses;
  • Airplane mode function;
  • Enter password in the application;
  • Hide message receipt.
About packages:
Primary link:
Ideal for those who want to use just one WhatsApp on their device (com.wha…), by Secondary download link: however, it is necessary to uninstall any other installed wpp, including the play story one.
Suitable for those who want to use up to two WhatsApps on their device (com.GBwha…), it is not necessary to uninstall WhatsApp play story or another modified one which in turn is primary, but for both to work it is necessary to have two different chips . Now here, the backup that will be found will be one that is in a folder with the name GBWhatsApp.
If the previous WhatsApp you are using is either modified in the primary version or the one from the play store, as usual you should make the backup and then restore the folder where the backup was located.
You will be able to see the backup folder name in the app file manager available on the play store.
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How to install WhatsApp GB Pro:

  1. Download the WhatsApp GB Pro apk (file in mediafire);
  2. In your device’s settings, access “security” and then enable the “unknown sources” function;
  3. Before downloading wpp GB Pro, make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations that you are using;
  4. Install wpp GB Pro and start the app.
NOTE: If it says “App not installed” you should check your device’s internal memory and uninstall the old WhatsApp that you no longer want to use (if you find it).