OG WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023


The OGWhatsApp APK is an excellent option for regulars of the popular instant messaging application, but I think that there are functions that it should include.

It is a program developed by third parties, which preserves all WhatsApp functionality and other practical and pleasant configuration and use options.

Many people want a perfect casual chatting app to chat with their friends, relatives, Etc. OGWhatsApp APK is an ideal choice for staying connected with your loved ones. It is a secure and reliable mod of Orignal WhatsApp. You can use OG WhatsApp as your secondary/primary account for personal use.

In this post, I will tell you about OG WhatsApp and its features. I will further guide you on how to download and install this mod. To know more about this mod, kindly read the full article and give me valuable feedback.

What exactly is the OGWhatsApp?

The OGWhatsApp APK is known as a WhatsApp mod. What does this mean? That can be considered an extension of the same software, but that modifies part of the original structure, providing you with new functions, options, and possibilities.

In this sense, one of the main advantages of installing this modification is that, unlike others, the original WhatsApp account will not be affected in anything, nor will it be canceled.

OGWhatsApp Features


In this mode, you can get rid of getting banned. This feature has made this app 100% safe and secure to use.


By enabling this feature, you can easily see the Deleted messages and your friends’ statuses. You can spot what other people have deleted, and you’ll be able to learn what they are doing.

Password Protected

This is a very useful feature to set a password for a particular chat. This feature is not available in original WhatsApp.

Colorful Themes

There are more than 1000 themes. You can select any theme of your choice for your chat screen.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

You can send a message or make a call to any person without adding their number to your contact list. This feature saves your time.

Status Downloader

In official WhatsApp, you can not download the statuses uploaded by your contacts without an external status downloader. This feature enables you to download quality directly without any external status downloader.

Send Images Up To 90

You can send up to 90 images at one time to your contacts while this feature is not available in original WhatsApp.

Increased Characters For Group name: When it comes to setting up the group name OG Whatsapp provides more characters limit. This mod exceeded the limit of characters that is 35, compared to 25 in official WhatsApp.

Pre-built Message Scheduler

The great advantage of this feature is that you can wish someone in time or welcome at a specific time by enabling this feature. 

Increased Characters For Written Status

With the help of this mod, we can put long articulations or formed status up to 250 words. 

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker

This feature gives you the advantage that you can lock your whole app with the help of an inbuilt WhatsApp locker.

Dual Accounts

Many people are restricted to using dual accounts on different phones. You can operate two versions in this mod. That makes switching between tabs seamless and keeps all your controls in one place.

What is the OGWhatsApp app used?

The good thing about this application is that it maintains the basic functions of WhatsApp, so it is possible to send and receive messages, videos, images, and other content, publish the known statuses, edit them, and limit who sees them.

In addition to this, it incorporates its aspects and improvements designed specifically for the OGWhatsApp, which you can see broken down below.

Two accounts simultaneously

One of the main characteristics, and the one that attracts the most attention, of the mod, is that it allows you to have two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

The function that many users have longed for in the original application and that, to this day, is totally out of the picture. Thus, becoming the main reason for using the app.

Schedule the messages. The OGWhatsApp sends it.

Another frequent use of the OGWhatsApp app is based on its ability to plan the sending of previously written messages.

It is possible to pre-program any message to a specific recipient. The application will automatically send this item at the chosen time and time.

Calls to contacts that are not in the phonebook

Unlike the regular application, the OGWhatsApp can make calls to numbers or accounts that are not register in the device’s contacts.

In the same way, it happens with the messages, ceasing to be a limitation not to register the number of the other user. Very useful for sending unique information without filling the smartphone with thousands of contacts.

Image Sending Capability

With this mod, users can send up to 90 images simultaneously without noticing that the number of files they can share has been exceeded.

Representing a great change compared to the limitation of the original WhatsApp in this aspect, being much more practical and useful.

Download the statuses

Another of the most popular uses of the OGWhatsApp app is that it supports saving the statuses published by other users added to contacts.

Personalized configuration of the displayed data

With this app, it is very easy to decide who can see our information, particularly not being a global setting.

What does this mean? You can stop showing your last connection time only for the contacts you want and select.

The same happens with the states, as well as with the message reading checks. This last aspect is very permissive in its configuration, deciding not to show when you have read a statement but to see when others have read it.

The groups

The groups in the official WhatsApp are very popular and used because it is allowed to name the largest groups with this mod.

Maintaining an upper limit that reaches 35 characters if users decide they need to use all of them.

How can I download the application?

As has already been said, this APK is developed by a third party, which is not related to WhatsApp Inc, so it is not possible to acquire it from Google Play.

Not in any Store. It is only possible to use the OGWhatsApp for Android since it is design exclusively for this operating system.

Even so, any user can download OGWhatsApp for free. If you want to obtain it, you can click here to go to the download link and download the latest version of 2022.

How do I install the OGWhatsApp APK?

Installing it is very simple since, after the first steps, enter the link above and locate the OGWhatsApp, download for free, and have the APK on the device. You have to follow the following instructions. First, you must allow the installation of third-party applications to locate the installation file and click on it. The Android system, on any computer, usually saves the latter in the Downloads or Download folder, although you can also download it from a PC and copy it to the portable device.

Consequently, you will see an installation button next to a warning message, in which it is explained that the app will not keep the information of the WhatsApp that you already have. If you decide to continue and Install OGWhatsApp, you must press the button mentioned above and wait for the application installation time.

At the end of the latter, you will be able to open the OGWhatsApp and start enjoying the service with all the features that it includes. If you want to have this mod. But you want to keep your data and files from the account you already used in WhatsApp. You will have to make a backup. After having the duplicate ready, you will need to enter a file manager within the Android device and rename the backed-up WhatsApp folder. The new title will have to be “OGWhatsApp.”

How is it update?

For any user to update OGWhatsApp. It is necessary to download the most updated version of the said application from the web.

It will be essential to have the APK complete the process. Why? Since you have to redo the installation procedure mentioned above, you will lose the information again.

But, using the new installer file with the improvements, fixes of possible errors, or any other changes that preserve the presentation.


What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is simply a modified version of the original WhatsApp, which a third-party developer created.

How do I download OG WhatsApp?

To download this mod, click the download button on this page, “Download OG WhatsApp.”

How do I update the OG WhatsApp?

Please keep visiting our website for the latest update of OG WhatsApp. If you are using an old version of this mod. Then make sure to keep an updated version of OG WhatsApp.


You can not deny that OG WhatsApp is the best mod to use for casual chats. You have more than 1000+ themes which never makes you bored. It has some amazing features for the user as well.

I’m positive you guys should have understood everything about OG WhatsApp by reading this post. Let me know in the comment section if there is anything else.