Finally, WhatsApp Fouad IOS has been updated once again, now to version 9.93, you have many advantages when using it, as it is identical to WhatsApp on the iPhone, in addition the functions are incredible, different from the original App.

Functions extras:

Reactions in messages with emojis, copy captions from photos and videos, copy captions from your contacts’ statuses or download media images/videos, translate messages, options to change your profile photo with an emoji or even search for an image on the internet. In privacy you can activate the “last seen” function for “my contacts except…”

What’s new in this version:

Exclusive: Select any image from your gallery and generate a theme immediately (BETA)


Exclusive: Generate a theme based on your system colors (only for Android +12)

Exclusive: Option to disable channels

Exclusive: Ghost Mode

Some UI Redesigns

Added: Post statuses on linked devices

Added: Added option to keep the new message counter even after opening the

Added: Custom media download control for each chat

Enabled: Channels

Enabled: Send voice notes only once

Enabled: Multiple accounts on the same devices

Enabled: Add email address to your account (Settings > Account)

Enabled: Option to approve new group members before joining other things I forgot.

Fixed: Some fixes

Main functions of WhatsApp Fouad ios:

  • light dark mode
  • IPhone interface
  • IPhone Emojis
  • Greater privacy;
  • Sending large files with quality;
  • Sending more than 30 photos at once;
  • diverse theme options;
  • Hide typing” or “recording audio”;
  • Change WhatsApp icon;
  • Read deleted messages;
  • View deleted statuses;
  • Airplane mode function;
  • Enter password in the application;
  • Hide message receipt.

Primary link:

This option is ideal for those who want to use just one WhatsApp on their device (com.wha…), but it is necessary to uninstall any other installed WPP, including Play Story. Regarding backup, it will find any backup that is in a folder with the name Whatsapp

Secondary link:

Suitable for those who want to use up to two WhatsApps on their device (com.MBwha…), it is not necessary to uninstall WhatsApp play story or another modified one which in turn is primary, but for both to work it is necessary to have two different chips . Now here, the backup that will be found will be one that is in a folder with the name MBWhatsApp.


You will be able to see the backup folder name in the app file manager available on the play store.


If you already use Fouad IOS, you can download the same package from the new version and install it over the one you are using, however it is important to know which of these packages you are using (whether primary or secondary), this way you will not need to uninstall the old one to install the new version.

NOTE: If it says “App not installed” you should check your device’s internal memory and uninstall the old WhatsApp that you no longer want to use (if you find it).

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