GB Whatsapp PRO v13.50 Download


GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the world’s most popular messaging application, which is gaining increasing popularity among Android users. It provides access to various features that are not available in the original version, such as personalized themes, the ability to conceal online status and last seen timestamps, as well as enabling the use of two accounts on a single device.

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Developers of GB WhatsApp

It is important to highlight that there are several developers working on GBWhatsApp updates, and each one may have their own modifications and exclusive features. Here on this website, we usually provide updates developed by the Alex Mods team. However, it is important for you to verify which version you are using to avoid installing a version on top of it, which would not affect your conversations or stickers but would change the application to another developer’s version.

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Primary and Secondary GB

When accessing our website, you will find two download buttons for GB Whatssap Pro: a primary and a secondary one. The difference between them is that the primary version only allows one account on your phone, while the secondary version enables the use of two different accounts. We recommend using the secondary version, especially for those who use more than one account, as the primary version may cause issues.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro v13.50

The latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro 13.50, has been released. If you haven’t updated your application yet, don’t waste any time! Simply access the download link by clicking the button below. It’s worth noting that if some time has passed since the publication of this article, there may already be a newer version available. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the GB WhatsApp update page to stay up to date with the latest version.

How to Install GB WhatsApp

Upon clicking the download button, you may encounter an advertisement. Simply click on the “x” to close it and proceed with the download. It is important to remember that since this file is not available on the Play Store, your phone may display a message stating that the application could be harmful. This is a common occurrence with any APK file, so just click on “Download anyway.”

GB WhatsApp 13.50 Pro is a lightweight file, approximately 60 MB in size, and the installation process is quick and easy. Upon opening the application, select the language and follow the instructions to allow GBWhatsApp 13.50 access to your photos, videos, music, and audio files, as well as enabling the application to send notifications.

Great! Now you can enjoy all the features of WhatsApp GB and communicate with your friends and family in a more convenient and fun way. Don’t forget to stay updated with the latest releases and always check which version you are using to avoid any issues.