Top 10 GB WhatsApp Features


WhatsApp GB is a modified version of the app that offers various functions not available in the Play Store version of WhatsApp. In this tutorial, you will learn about the top 10 features of the GB WhatsApp updated 2023 .

View Deleted Messages

In GBWhatsApp, there is a feature that allows you to view messages deleted by your contacts. To activate this function, simply go to the privacy and security settings and enable the “Anti-Delete Messages” option.


View Deleted Status

With WhatsApp GB, you can view the deleted statuses of your contacts. To activate this feature, go to “GB Modes,” “Privacy and Security,” and disable the “Anti-Delete Status” option.

iPhone Emojis on WhatsApp GB

If you love the emojis on iPhone, this feature is perfect for you! In GBWhatsApp, you can have iPhone emojis on your Android device. To activate this feature, access the settings, go to “BA Data,” and select “WhatsApp iOS.”

Custom Themes for GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp allows you to personalize your app with incredible themes. There are over 4,000 themes available to suit every taste. To add a theme, go to “GB Mods” and then “FMT Themes.”

One-Time View

You can view photos and videos as many times as you want in GB WhatsApp. To activate this function, go to the privacy and security settings and enable the “One-Time View” option.

Custom Fonts in WhatsApp GB 2023

In WhatsAppGB, you can customize the fonts of your messages. There are several options available to make your conversations more fun and unique. To choose a font, access the settings and go to “GB Mods.”

Hide Online Status

With this function, you can appear offline to specific contacts or to all contacts. To activate this option, go to the privacy and security settings and select “Hide Online.”

Private Reply

In WhatsApp GB, you can reply to a message privately without other group members seeing it. To activate this function, press and hold the desired message and select “Reply Privately.”

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers

Another feature of GBWhatsApp is the ability to send messages to numbers that are not saved in your contacts list. Simply type the number and send the message as you normally would.

Multiple Numbers on WhatsApp GB

With WhatsAppGB, you can use more than one phone number in the same app. This feature is ideal for those who have multiple phone numbers or need to use WhatsApp for both personal and professional purposes. To add a second number, go to “GB Mods” and then “Multi-Account“.

Video Tutorial

These are just some of top 10 best features of GB WhatsApp the amazing features offered by WhatsApp GB. By downloading and installing the latest version, you can enjoy a more customized and enhanced WhatsApp experience. Remember to always download the APK from a trusted source to ensure the security and functionality of the app. Enjoy exploring and making the most out of the exciting features provided by WhatsApp GB!

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